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Commitment to Customer Service

We wanted to set ourselves aside from other Sand Separation Equipment rental companies. If you need service, we’ll take your calls 24/7. We do a lot over the phone to help our customers, and we’ve even went out and helped guys on location when the issue wasn’t with our equipment. We’re trying to create a different standard for equipment rental, and it’s working.

Commitment to Quality

The way we maintain our equipment upholds a high standard. Our quality control and redress processes are stringent, even down to the little things. Equipment doesn’t leave our facility with spots in the paint, sand inside, or dirt outside.

What Our
Customers Say

This was our first encounter with Sand Separation Solutions. They had been recommended to us, and we chose to go with them because of their reputation. They did a great job getting everything out here. We’ve had no major issues with their equipment at all. It helps us focus more on the customers’ needs instead of just the equipment and always having issues. I would definitely, absolutely, 100% want Sand Separation Solutions out here again.

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